16 Feb


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Here I am again, creating a new spot for myeslf online. Welcome to it! I hope you don’t mind when I spontaneously redecorate.

If you don’t already know me, my name is Krista Jennings Langford, and some people call me kj. If you want my full origin story, check out my about page, but the short version is this: I am a Fort Worth-based dance artist & educator and arts advocate. I am lucky enough to teach and work with a variety of organizations (all of which are listed out on that about page that I’ll just keep pointing you back to) while living the good life in Cowtown with my husband and our awesome dogs.

My motto is “Life well-lived, work well done”

I’ve been on the internet since it was a thing (shout out to AOL and Prodigy), blogging since everyone had angsty xangas, and every few years I’ve made changes and adjustments to my online presence (blech, it’s kind of gross to say it that way, but that’s what it is my “online presence”)

Over the last 6 years or so I blogged at sometimessheblogs That was an awesome space for me (that evolved from blogspot to wordpress and through several different names) where I went from blogging on wedding planning, to newlywed life, to fashion, to travel, and finally to all aspects of my life.

But about 5 months ago I lost interest. I got bogged down in my 7 jobs (not an exaggeration) and many commitments and I just didn’t see the point in blogging any more, even though I missed the writing part of it. Plus, I didn’t see how I could morph my blog, where I sometimes posted photos of me in my leopard print shorts (whole posts devoted to these shorts. TWICE.), into something that fit into what I really needed: a personal yet professional internet home.

So I’ve decided I’m not going to try. Sometimessheblogs will live on, and if I ever feel the need to be ridiculous, I may still post there. And there are some great thoughts from that blog that I might migrate over here. But, more importantly, what will this new, kjlangford blog become?

Well, I’m never going to be only professional and not personal, or only personal and informal but never professional. That’s just not how I roll. For me those two things, life and work, meld together so easily. See my motto for proof.

So I’m hoping to use this space to post about new projects I’m working on, things that inspire me, my philosophies, questions I’m pondering, and random but interesting thoughts. I want to curate fun/useful/joyful/creative/inspiring/good/great ideas/photos/videos/quotes/thoughts.

If you’re browsing here and are interested in my choreographic, teaching, or performance work, please check out my portfolio, teaching statement, and/or contact me.

If you’re just a friend, a creative type, or a friendly¬†internet stalker, please feel free to follow along.

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